Does your name affect the car you buy?

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20 Aug 2012 10:17 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

When your parents were deciding what to call you, do you think they considered how the name they chose would affect the car you drive today?

Probably not, but MoneySupermarket research suggests that your name can have an impact on the make and model of car you choose.

If your name is Jacob, for example, you're 60% more likely than the average driver to own a Volkswagen.

Women named Vicky, on the other hand, are most likely to be driving Ferraris, while Catherines are more often found behind the wheel of a Vauxhall.

Here, we explain how the research was conducted and look at what your name says about the sort of car you're likely to drive.

The research
The MoneySupermarket research team looked at the top 200 male and female names in the UK today. It then investigated the types of cars owned by people with these names and matched them to the highest corresponding ownership rate of a particular make of car.

Henrys Rolls and Francescas Fiat
If your name is Damien, Vincent, Irene or Kathleen you're more likely than most to have a Porsche parked on your drive.

Henrys, Clives, Patricias and Julies, meanwhile, are more likely to prefer the comfort of a Rolls-Royce for their daily wheels.

While some of the links seem very random, certain names do seem more suited to particular makes of car.

Those who topped the chart of souped-up Subaru drivers, for example, are called Shane and Carly, while Jaguars are most likely to be driven by people with more traditional names such as Bernard and Janet.

British residents with links to other countries also seem more likely to pick cars made in their homelands.

Antonios are often to be seen behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo, while Francescas prefer Fiats to other non-Italian manufacturers.

Cars and the stars
Jeremy Clarkson is not the only Jeremy in the country to drive an Aston Martin. According to the research, Aston owners are most likely to be called Jeremy, Guy, Beverley or Tania.

Not all the cars chosen by famous people correspond to the choices of other Britons with the same first names, though.

While Stephen Fry drives a black taxi, and Jessica Ennis was given brand-new Jaguar following her success in the Olympics, Stephens are more likely drive a Land Rover, while Jessicas are more often spotted driving a Ferrari.

Despite Prince William wowing the crowds in his dad's blue Aston Martin on his wedding day, well-to-do drivers called William are more likely to buy a Ferrari than a classic Aston.

The painful truth
While this research into the links between names and cars is based on real data, the findings reflect trends rather than hard facts everyone knows a Vicky, for example, but is yours driving a Ferrari?

The majority of people drive cars such as Vauxhalls, which make up 14.4% of the cars on our roads, and Fords, which account for 14.3%.

Even if your name indicates that you have the greatest affinity with a Porsche or a Lamborghini, the truth is that you are still more likely to have a Ford or a Vauxhall despite your parents' best efforts.

This article has been researched and written by's car insurance partner, MoneySupermarket