Electric VW Golf comes to the UK

* Golf EV to take part in Future Car Challenge * Brighton to London on November 6 * What Car? will be there in force...

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What Car? Staff
19 October 2010

Electric VW Golf comes to the UK

Volkswagen's all-electric Golf Blue-E-Motion prototype will take part in November's inaugural Future Car Challenge run from Brighton to London.

What Car? is heavily involved with the challenge that follows the reverse of the 57-mile route of the famous veteran car rally that takes place the following day.

Just like the original emancipation run, which took place in 1896, the Future Car Challenge is designed to showcase new and emerging low-emission technology.

Besides the Golf, and other electric cars, there will be entries powered by hydrogen fuel cells, range-extended electric technology, hybrid powerplants, plug-in hybrid systems and the internal combustion engine.

Each entry will be fitted out with a data recorder and prizes will be given to the cars that use the least energy to reach London.

What Car? will have a reader team driving a Golf Bluemotion, along with plenty of staff members who will also be taking part.

The Future Car Challenge takes place on Saturday, November 6, and we'll have extensive coverage of the run right here on whatcar.com.