Executive car

Executive car

1st: Citroen C6
Price from 26,995
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The C6 is in the top spot for the second year in a row. Security is very strong in every respect, so it's a double five-star result for the entire range in both categories.

Laminated glazing is fitted to every model, which benefits from rock-solid locks that earn the maximum available marks.

It's an excellent result, but if we were picky we'd ask for more parts marking.

2nd: Peugeot 607
Price from 25,495
As in the family car category, Peugeot is second to Citroen. Door locks let the 607 down a little, but the whole range does have laminated glazing.

3rd: Audi A6
Price from 25,675
The steering column and locks are strong points for the A6, which only just holds off the Volvo S80 for third position in the executive class.