Best family cars 2023

What makes a good family hatchback and which models should you be considering? Here we count down the top 10 – and reveal the ones to avoid...

Best family cars
Best family cars

Given the popularity of family SUVs, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not much going on in the world of the traditional ‘family car’, but that's not the case.

Family hatchbacks still account for a huge number of UK new car sales with plenty of models battling it out in a highly competitive segment of the car market.

The demands of family life are a big ask for a car, of course. Practicality, safety and reliability are all essential, but it's also important to find something with low running costs and a comfortable ride on long journeys.

You wouldn't expect a family car to be as exciting to drive as a sports car, but many of models on this list offer an engaging and enjoyable driving experience.

Below are our top 10 family cars – as well as two models we'd avoid – and a summary of what we think of each of them. If one of our favourites takes your fancy, you can click through to our full review to read more, or find the best prices available through our free New Car Buying pages.