First image: new BMW 7 Series

* Computer-generated images * Softer styling than current model * Petrol, diesel, hybrid and hydrogen power...

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Jim Holder
08 January 2008

First image: new BMW 7 Series

These computer-generated images show how the new BMW 7 Series could look when it goes on sale later this year.

The car features softer styling than before, with the rear in particular being slimmed down and dropping the hard edges that characterise the current model.

The engine range is reported to feature petrol, diesel, hybrid and hydrogen options, and include a range-topping twin-turbo petrol V8 that produces 500bhp.

Insiders say the car features extensive electronic aids and gadgets, including a collision-avoidance system that incorporates radar technology.

Despite being criticised for being too complicated, the iDrive system, which controls most of the car's electrical functions, will remain, but will be heavily revised.