Ford considers warranty change

* Ford looks at extending aspects of warranty * Not expected to go beyond three years, though * Ford considering servicing packages, too...

Ford considers warranty change

Ford is considering extending parts of its warranty cover in a bid to win customer confidence and encourage people to stay with the brand when they change cars.

Although the company is unlikely to extend its full warranty cover beyond three years or 60,000 miles, Ford of Great Britain managing director Nigel Sharp admitted that it could extend cover in some areas.

'The research shows that if you have a trusted brand, as Ford does, extending the warranty cover doesn't have a great effect,' said Sharp. 'What we are concentrating on is keeping customers within Ford when they change cars.

'To do that, we want to keep in touch with our customers over a period of five years, so beyond that first MoT time, and look after our cars within the franchised dealer network.'

Service packages
Sharp also revealed Ford is working hard to develop service packages for new car customers, which would allow them to pay for franchised servicing up front at a discounted price.

'Mini has led the way, and other manufacturers are ahead of us on offering competitive service packages,' said Sharp. 'They can be a great way of keeping a customer in touch with the dealership and pay dividends on resale values. It's something we have to look at.'