Ford Focus long-term test video part 2

* We report on life with the Ford Focus Ecoboost * Run by deputy production editor Barnaby Jones * Halfway through its time on our fleet...

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What Car? Staff
02 April 2013

Ford Focus long-term test video part 2

The Ford Focus Ecoboost makes impressive claims regarding fuel economy and running costs so we've been testing these claims and seeing just what it's like to live with on a daily basis.

Our long-term Focus 1.0T Ecoboost Zetec test car is now halfway through its time with us. It has also covered more than 10,000 miles, which is more than enough distance to give a good indication of what it's like to live with in real-world driving conditions.

Deputy production editor Barnaby Jones has taken charge of the Ford and here he explains what he has liked and disliked about Focus ownership so far.

The driving experience has found favour, but the Focus is not without its quirks and irritations the stereo in particular. Watch the video for Barnaby's verdict.

By Tom Webster