French breathalyser law comes into force

  • New law starts this Sunday
  • Only French-approved testers accepted
  • Official recommend carrying two kits
Words By Pete Barden

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An article image
An article image

British motorists driving in France will need to carry a French-approved breathalyser from July 1.

Only test kits or machines that carry the French standards authority Norme Francais 'NF' kitemark will be legal. Carrying a kit without this kitemark the French equivalent to our British Standards will render the driver liable to a fine of around 10.

The French Transport Ministry say that drivers should carry two breathalysers, allowing them to stay within the law if one is used.

Drivers should also be aware that the legal limit for alcohol is 50mg per 100ml of blood, which is 30mg lower than the UK's limit.

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Pete Barden