Fuel-saving tyres under threat

  • Eco charity warns against diluting EU goals
  • Fuel efficient, quieter and grippier tyres wanted
  • Manufacturers agree to setting minimum standards
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An article image
An article image

An environmental charity has urged the European Union not to backtrack on proposed tyre legislation.

The EU had proposed to:

  • Cut the rolling resistance of tyres to reduce fuel consumption of cars by 5% by 2020
  • Provide equal savings in fuel bills for businesses and the public
  • Set a target for introducing quieter tyres to reduce road noise by half
  • Address the impacts of road noise on health

However, there are concerns that the proposals may be too stringent for some tyre manufacturers to meet. As a result the European Parliament may water down the proposals, but charity Environmental Protection UK says this would be a disaster, and is urging supporters to email there MEPs.

Tyre manufacturers are currently in consultation with the EU regarding proposals to reduce rolling resistance and noise, while improving wet weather grip.

The majority of producers are said to be in favour of setting minimum targets on all three criteria, with initial goals to be met by 2012.