Geneva 2012: Range Rover Evoque cabrio

* Range Rover Evoque cabrio * Concept car at Geneva show * On sale within two years...

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Chas Hallett
06 March 2012

Geneva 2012: Range Rover Evoque cabrio

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

Although the drop-top Evoque is officially classed as a concept car, it is being shown to gauge public reaction to the possibility of a full production model.

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Land Rover insiders say the decision on whether to put Evoque Convertible into production will be made before the end of this year. If the answer is yes, which it's likely to be, it will go on sale in 2014.

A production model would be based on the three-door Evoque Coupe, and would be mechanically identical meaning both petrol and diesel, and two- or four-wheel-drive versions would be likely.

The concept car has a foldaway fabric roof and any production model is likely to retain this to avoid excessive weight penalties and design compromises that would come with a folding-metal arrangement. It was made with the help of sister company Jaguar.

In the past, Land Rover engineering sources have told What Car? it's unlikely they'd need to make big changes to stiffen the body to compensate for the lack of a fixed roof. They also believe an Evoque soft-top would provide a formidable rival to the likes of the Audi TT Roadster and BMW 3 Series Convertible.

As yet there is no word on prices but, as is normal with cabrios, you can expect a premium of several thousand pounds over the equivalent Coupe model.

Chas Hallett