Google reveals changing used car market

* Google explains how used car buying is changing * More people buying online, across all devices * Sellers must adapt or lose sales...

Google reveals changing used car market

Google has revealed research into how online used car buyers search for vehicles and warned sellers to ignore the results at their peril.

The research reveals more people are undertaking the entire buying process across multiple digital devices.

Google is also warning that traditional opening times must be re-written, because people expect a swift response and not just during the 'normal' working day.

The search company's automotive industry manager, Alex Rose, said: '74% of people in the UK are now using the internet to find their next used car, taking on average more than three months to do so.

'While doing it, they are visiting an average of 18.2 sites, but most interestingly, under-25s are actually visiting 25 different websites on their search journey.'

Car finance is another area where the internet could help buyers and sellers alike.

Rose said: 'It's now twice as likely that someone will research and arrange their new-car finance online compared with 2010, but for used cars, it's now more like three times as likely.'