Greener Driving Pavilion

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Jim Holder
22 July 2008

Greener Driving Pavilion

There's just one colour in fashion in the world of motoring: green.

Greener driving has taken on so much momentum that there's an entire pavilion dedicated to it at the motor show.

Inside are a host of interactive displays, vehicle cutaways and simulators that make the all-too serious concerns of saving fuel, money and the planet engaging and interesting.

Beware if you are prone to 'tennis neck' though, because Michelin's low-rolling-resistance tyre simulator is seriously addictive viewing. On a display shaped like a skateboard ramp, two cars are set off, rolling from left to right and powered only by momentum. Gradually it becomes clear that the car fitted with normal tyres is coming to a halt long before the Michelin-shod one.

A range of exciting new environmental automotive technologies are also highlighted, including fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles, ensuring that visitors get an entertaining science lesson, too. Cars on show include a Smart EV, Mini cooper D, Nissans fuel cell demo car and Hondas Civic hybrid.

Drivers are also being offered simple tips on ways they can use less fuel in everyday driving, including the chance to sign up to, which puts commuters on the same route in touch with each other, for free.

• What Car? will have a big green presence at the show, too - you can see the winner of our first-ever Green Awards in the Greener Driving Pavilion.

Come to our stand, too, where you can use six computers to find out all you need to know about green cars on, or buy our special Green Awards supplement.