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Words ByJim Holder

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The biggest new car discount in Britain is for a BMW 7 Series, exclusive research by What Car’s Target Price team can reveal.

The saving of Β£18,650 was negotiated by What Car?'s mystery shoppers and represents an enormous 31% saving on the car's list price.

BMW is about to replace the 7 Series with a newer model, which accounts for the huge discount, but What Car?'s Target Price research reveals that it is just one of several double-digit discounts achievable on BMWs.

As a result, the premium car manufacturer sits third among all car makers for the overall average discount available on its cars.

Other significant BMW discounts include a Β£10,719 saving off a BMW 640d SE, which is available for Β£52,411 against a list price of Β£63,130, and a Β£2056 saving on a BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics, which can be bought for Β£26,719 despite a list price of Β£28,775.

The biggest average discounts across a car maker's range are available on Volvos (14.7%), Renaults (13.6%) and BMWs (13.2%).

Across all sectors and manufacturers, the average dealer discount stood at a 12-month high of 10.3%.

What Car? editor Jim Holder said: "For months now, we’ve been told that the increased new car sales volumes mean that discounts will disappear, but the insight offered by our Target Price team shows that you can still get a healthy amount of money off if you are prepared to haggle.

'BMW is, rightly, perceived as a quality brand, so it may surprise new car buyers that they can bag some of the brand’s most luxurious offerings for much less than the list price. The fact is that the 7 Series is due to be replaced soon, so there are incredible discounts available. Using Target Price means that you can be bold when you step into the dealership because you know what you can demand.'

Discounts of cars in the luxury segment are particularly strong at the moment, with an average saving of 17% off the list price. This is an increase of 75% on the same time last year and is also largely down to BMW 7 Series discounts jumping from 9% to 29.3% on average.

City cars, small family cars and coupΓ©s, where demand is stronger, have all experienced a dip in discounting but cars in the small SUV sector, which includes the BMW X1, Peugeot 3008 and Suzuki SX4, can be snapped up for an average of 8.4% less than the list price.

Biggest discounts by car sector

City car

Suzuki Alto SZ3
List price Β£8299
What Car? Target Price Β£6999
Save Β£1300

Small car

Fiat Punto 1.2 8v Pop 3dr
List price Β£10,175
What Car? Target Price Β£8220
Save Β£1955

Family car

Citroen C4 1.6 HDi 90 VTR+
List price Β£18.105
What Car? Target Price Β£14,674
Saving Β£3431


BMW 6 Series 640i Gran CoupΓ© SE
List price Β£62,375
What Car? Target Price Β£48,277
Save Β£14,098

Luxury car

BMW 7 Series 740i SE
List price Β£61,675
What Car? Target Price Β£43,025
Save Β£18,650

Estate car

Volvo V70 D4 SE Nav S/S
List price Β£33,120
What Car? Target Price Β£25,791
Save Β£7329


Vauxhall Zafira 1.7 CDTi 110 Ecoflex Design
List price Β£14,135
What Car? Target Price ££995
Save Β£4140

Small SUV

Peugeot 3008 1.6 THP 156 Allure
List price Β£21,750
What Car? Target Price Β£18,177

Large SUV

Volvo XC90 2.4 D5 200 SE
List price Β£40,190
What Car? Target Price ££32,242
Save Β£7948

Executive car

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220 CDI Executive SE
List price Β£31,130
What Car? Target Price Β£25,990
Save Β£5140


Renault MΓ©gane 1.2 RCe 130 Dynamique
List price Β£23,800
What Car? Target Price Β£19,971
Save Β£3829

Hot hatch

Skoda Fabia 1.4 TSI 180 vRS
List price Β£17,555
What Car? Target Price Β£15,369
Save Β£2186