Hardcore Renaultsport Clio may happen

* 'Specific versions' of car could yet happen * More extreme model honed for track days * Customer feedback will be key...

Hardcore Renaultsport Clio may happen

Renault has not ruled out producing a more hardcore version of its latest Renaultsport Clio, according to a senior company source.

The latest Clio 200 marked a major departure from previous generations, with turbocharging, five doors and a dual-clutch gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddles instead of a manual transmission. It has received largely positive reviews, but some enthusiasts have criticised the car for being too civilised and less useful on track days - even when equipped with the optional firmer Cup chassis.

Speaking at the Frankfurt motor show, Renault's executive vice-president of product planning, Philippe Klein, said that he 'could understand that argument' and hinted that further customer feedback could bring revisions.

'It has been an interesting car, the Clio 200,' he said. 'I was on some of the test drives and there was a lot of discussion about it. There were some people who criticised it early on and then when they drove it they changed their minds completely. That didn't apply to everyone; some people still think the car is perhaps a bit too easy to drive, not rough enough.

'Ultimately we will listen to the customers. We can revise and change things as time goes on; that does not stop. Will will redo the car through time, of course, and perhaps there will be some specific versions that will happen. Let's see.'

When asked if the latest Renaultsport Clio's brief had been to broaden the car's appeal, Mr Klein said, 'Yes, but equally, the objective was not to forget those who prefer the more radical approach.'