Honda Civic Type R: end of the line

* Sales will cease in October * Not Euro V compliant * Will still be built, though...

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What Car? Staff
10 August 2010

Honda Civic Type R: end of the line

Sales of the Honda Civic Type R will stop in October, the car maker has confirmed.

The hot hatch doesn't meet Euro V engine emission regulations, which come into force next month, therefore production of the Type R for the UK market will cease in October.

Will still be built
However, the Type R will still continue to be made at Honda's factory in Swindon for countries that don't have the Euro V regulations, such as Australia and South Africa.

Prices drop on Type R models
Honda is also dropping the list price of the Type R.

The Type R GT is now, 19,495 and the Type R LSD is now 19,995, both 2230 less than their previous list price.

The Type R Mugen 200 is now 22,995, a 1995 saving. Don't stick with the list prices, however, haggle for even larger discounts.

There's no word yet on a replacement for the Type R. A new standard Civic is more than a year away.