Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

The new Honda Civic Type R is a practical hatchback that offers awesome performance and precise handling. But how does it compare to its predecessor?...

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22 July 2016

Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

Honda Civic Type R new vs old – interior and equipment

Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

There's lots of red trim whichever Type R you're sitting in, but for a hot hatch that trades on being loud and proud, this is a good thing.

The differences between old and new are to be found in the quality of the materials, with the latter feeling significantly plusher. It’s still not up to Golf R or BMW M140i standards, but makes a Focus RS feel cheap.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the interior of the old Type R was that you felt like you were sitting too high, even when the seat was in its lowest setting. Fortunately, the new car offers a much sportier driving position, and its front seats are still heavily bolstered to hold you tightly in place through corners.

Likewise, rear visibility is improved; there's still a bar that slices across the rear window, but it's thinner than before and the new car gets a rear-view camera as standard to help with reversing.

Honda Civic Type R new vs old – infotainment

Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

What hasn't really been improved is the touchscreen infotainment system, because it remains slow and clunky, with disappointingly low resolution.

Mercifully, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are standard on the new Type R, so at least you can bypass Honda's own operating system when using the touchscreen to access your phone and its apps.