Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

The new Honda Civic Type R is a practical hatchback that offers awesome performance and precise handling. But how does it compare to its predecessor?...

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22 July 2016

Honda Civic Type R new vs old – space and practicality

Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

Both cars give the driver and front passenger loads of space, but leave taller rear passengers wishing they had a bit more head room. And both have a huge boot that can swallow numerous suitcases or the biggest of baby buggies with ease; here they put rival hot hatches to shame.

Surprisingly, though, the old Type R is more versatile than the new one, thanks to its 'Magic' rear seats, which let you flip up the bases like cinema seats to create space for tall items.

Honda Civic Type R new vs old – costs

Honda Civic Type R: new vs old compared

Don’t dive into Type R ownership expecting regular hatchback running costs; a 2.0-litre turbo car with more than 300bhp is never going to be parsimonious on fuel or cheap to insure.

That said, the new car does manage 36.7mpg in official tests, which is almost 5mpg more than its predecessor. And while the list price has risen by almost a grand to £30,995, that doesn't feel like a lot given how much easier it is to live with.

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