Hotter Civic Type R announced

* Power up to around 260bhp * Aggressive bodykit * Only a concept car for now...

Hotter Civic Type R announced

Honda has announced that it will build a prototype for an even more extreme version of its Civic Type R hot hatch.

The Civic Type R 'Mugen' concept car will use many of the same tweaks as the Civic MUGEN RR saloon, which was launched in 2007 in Japan.

A prototype is being developed in Japan by Mugen Euro the Northampton-based subsidiary of Hondas tuning partner Mugen and will be brought to the UK for testing later this year.

It will use a highly-tuned version of the Civic Type Rs 2.0-litre petrol engine that will raise power from 198- to around 260bhp. There will also be upgrades to the brakes, exhaust and suspension.

The concept car will look more aggressive, thanks to a beefier bodykit and a larger rear boot spoiler.

In standard trim, the Civic Type R is a thrilling machine to drive, said Hiro Toyoda, Vice President of Mugen Euro. It is a fantastic base model from which we hope to develop one of the quickest point to point front-wheel-drive road cars in the country.