How to get the best company car deal

How to get the best company car deal

1. Choose a car with low carbon dioxide emissions and plenty of standard kit, to help keep your company car tax bill as low as possible.

2. Company car CO2 bands are set to change next year, as will tax liabilities. A 170g/km car attracted an 18% rate in 2004, for instance, but by 2010/11 it will be 23%. Take future hikes into account when you calculate your tax bill.

3. The best deals are often on models nearing their replacement date. Check out What Car? for a few months before you need to replace your lease car, so that you know what's on the way out and could be coming down in cost.

4. Don't accept the first monthly rental quoted as final. Leased cars are subject to discounts as much as retail cars. This could make up to a 40 per month difference. Ask lease companies for a list of cars 50 above the budget your company has set and get negotiating.

5. Some smaller lease companies act like finance brokers, and a good one will get several quotes to find you the best deal, so shop around.