How to spec a BMW 3 Series

Our guide to BMW's award-winning executive saloon covers which version to go for, which options to choose and how much to pay for it all...

BMW adaptive suspension

Adaptive M Sport suspension (£2200)

M Sport versions of the 3 Series look fantastic, but their firm ride means you'll feel the road's lumps and bumps in rather too much detail. If you opt for adaptive suspension, though, you can stiffen or soften the ride at the touch of a button, and its comfiest setting makes the 3 Series calmer on urban roads than versions with the standard non-adaptive setup. This is only available as part of the M Sport Plus package, which also gives you larger 19in alloy wheels, a beefier look and upgraded brakes.

BMW charging cable

Type 2 charging cable (£237)

If you'll only ever be charging from a domestic wall box, a 1-phase Type 2 charging cable is all you'll need, and will cost you £165. If you'll occasionally be charging at motorway service stations or in other areas where 3-phase charging is available, we'd advise paying a little extra for the 3-phase cable, which ensures your car will always charge at the highest available rate. Why should I invest in a charging cable, you might ask? Well, as standard, your car will only come with a three-pin charger, which will take a long time to charge the 330e's battery.

BMW 330e seats

Electric seats (£1700)

The only way to get electrically adjustable seats in your 330e is to opt for the Premium pack. Unfortunately, this also adds a panoramic roof which limits headroom, so we'd save our money instead – especially if you've separately gone for the adjustable lumbar support we recommended earlier.

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