Huge price cut for VW Golf R Cabriolet

* 5600 cut from price of 261bhp drop-top * VW Golf R Cabriolet now from 33,170 * Difference on existing orders will be refunded...

Huge price cut for VW Golf R Cabriolet

Volkswagen is slashing 5600 from the price of its range-topping Golf R Cabriolet.

Early feedback on the fastest-ever convertible Golf (261bhp and 0-62mph in just 6.4 seconds) focused on its high asking price of 38,770, which made it more expensive than even a Porsche Boxster.

However, VW sources have confirmed to What Car? that the company is cutting the list price.

The new starting price of 33,170 makes the VW Golf R Cabriolet's price much more palatable, especially in relation to other Golf models. The GTI Cabriolet which is just 1.0 second slower from 0-62mph starts from 29,755.

The new price applies immediately and in a further unusual move, Volkswagen says that it will refund the difference on any existing customer orders.

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By Ed Callow