Huge savings on the BMW 3 Series in this week's deals

  • The BMW 320d is available with massive discounts in this week's deals
  • Saloon and Touring versions both with around £6000 off
  • More in our weekly roundup of deals
Words ByTom Webster

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There are several outstanding discounts in this week's roundup of the best new-car deals on the internet, but the savings on the BMW 320d stand above the rest.

We have found deals on both the saloon and estate versions of the 320d, with combined savings of more than £12,000. The saloon is the cheaper of the two, with the £5939 saving taking the asking price down to £23,836. The car is in Sport trim, and this deal is available on

Although the Touring we found works out slightly more expensive, it has an even bigger discount of £6147. This brings you the Modern trim level, and you also get BMW's all-wheel drive xDrive system. The final price is £26,558 and this deal is also available from

Another notable saving in this week's roundup is on the Peugeot 308. Peugeot plans to cut back on its discounting in the future, but thankfully this hasn't kicked in just yet. This means you can get a 308 1.6 Blue HDi 120 Active with £4550 off the list price. This brings the price down to £14,945.

For more information on all these savings, and the rest of this week's deals, head to our weekly roundup.