Hyundai i30N 2017 verdict and specs

Korea’s biggest car maker is making its debut in the hot hatch market – and we...

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Matt Saunders
16 May 2016 22:1 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Hyundai i30N verdict

For now, Hyundai would be happy if you’d simply agree to consider buying an i30N, and on this evidence, it is definitely worth that much. Final pronouncements on all-round usability, refinement and value-for-money will have to come later, but on handling appeal, this new Hyundai has a surprising amount going for it, as well as an air of finely-honed polish to its ride and steering that you just don’t expect of a brand's first attempt.

The car’s engine isn’t stellar, but it’s strong enough. And then there’s Hyundai brand’s desirability factor to consider - it's something of key importance to a hot hatch, and will take years to develop to a point where it can stand on level terms with the likes of Volkswagen’s GTI, Renault’s RS or even Ford’s ST.

The fact is, that despite four years of Hyundai's involvement in the World Rally Championship (WRC), it’ll be a few years yet before people really want an N-branded performance car in the way they might one of those aforementioned rivals. But this new i30 N could definitely be the beginning of something quite special.

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Audi S3 Sportback

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Hyundai i30N prototype

Engine size 2.0T petrol

Price £27,000 (est)

Power 270bhp (est)

Torque tbc

0-62mph Less than 6.5sec

Top speed 155mph (limited)

Gov't economy (official combined) tbc

CO2/BIK band tbc

Insurance group  tbc

Airbags tbc

Doors 4

Seats 5

On sale Late 2017