Can I buy a full-warranty car online?

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Q) Can I buy a full-warranty car online?
Ive found a Kia Soul at a great price at an online broker. The car has a seven-year warranty, but do only main dealers offer this? If so, might it be better to pay extra at
a dealership for a full warranty?
Dom Richards,

A) The vast majority of internet brokers source their cars from franchised UK dealerships. They essentially act as middlemen, haggling a great price for you and taking a chunk of the profit in return.

You should, therefore, get the Souls full seven-year UK warranty whether you buy online or at a dealership.

Double-check this with the broker, though. Some online companies sell pre-registered cars, which will have been registered up to six months previously even though the car has only delivery mileage on the clock. A cars warranty kicks in when it is first registered.