I can't find the correct tyres?

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I can't find the correct tyres?

I'm unable to source Michelin Pilot Primacy tyres (205/50 R16 W) for my W-reg Saab 9-3 LPT. These tyres are known for their low road noise and, as I do most of my miles on the motorway, that's really important to me. Any ideas? Or will I have to settle for something else?
Phillip Seed

A: Good news we found the Pilot Primacy in the size you're after at Tyresdelivered.co.uk. They are available with a W' speed rating (up to 168mph) for 104.98 each (plus a 6 delivery charge per tyre).

Obviously you'll need to get the tyres fitted, which any tyre fitter will be able to do. However, prices tend to vary significantly.

Tyre fitters know that prices on the internet tend to be lower, so to put people off buying online they tend to charge silly amounts to fit tyres bought elsewhere sometimes as much as 20 a wheel.

To get the best price, phone around a few local fitters for a quote.

Once the tyres are fitted your Saab's wheels will need re-balancing. This should be included in the fitting price, but double-check this when phoning for a quote.