Jaguar F-Pace - What Car? Readers give their verdict

Jag’s premium SUV needs to convince plenty of buyers of its worth if it’s to succeed. Our readers give us their thoughts...

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Jimi Beckwith
06 April 2016

Jaguar F-Pace - What Car? Readers give their verdict

As jaguar’s first SUV in this increasingly popular and crowded class, it’s fair to say that the F-Pace needs to be nothing short of brilliant in the face of competition from the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Porsche Macan.

It certainly stands out from the mainstream crossovers with its sportier looks. As befits the Jaguar brand, it also has a luxurious cabin.

The F-Pace is also a very important car for Jaguar – it’s being tipped as the British car maker’s stepping stone to a much wider global audience and a massive increase in sales volume. Will it impress our reader test team?

Jaguar F-Pace - What Car? Readers give their verdict

Kevin Bolt - Age 54; Job Sales director; Drives Porsche Macan

‘In terms of space it’s a little roomier than the Macan, so it looks like it’ll make a perfectly capable family car. The designers could have created a little more space for rear seat passengers by reducing the boot size, though.

‘The interior trim feels a small step below the Porsche; I’d prefer higher-quality materials. The infotainment is far better than the Macan’s, though.

‘I’ll definitely take an F-Pace for a test drive when my Macan gets to around two years old. If it handles as well as the Macan I’ll seriously consider buying one.’

Martin Fallowfield - Age 59; Job Dentist; Drives Jaguar XF Sportbrake

‘The standard kit feels a bit sparse, though. Things like heated and cooled seats are cost options that would push up the purchase price; I’d like to get a little more kit for my money.

Jaguar F-Pace - What Car? Readers give their verdict

Jason Beaumont - Age 46; Job Managing director; Drives BMW 520d Touring

‘It’s absolutely stunning. There’s nothing else in the class that looks this good. It also feels special and looks special; it takes a lot of styling cues from the F-Type and that will appeal to a lot of people.

‘The F-Pace is a very exciting car, I’ve looked at a high-spec Discovery Sport, but it doesn’t have the presence of the F-Pace, which would put a smile on my face every morning. The only question I have concerns the fit and finish.’

Jaguar F-Pace - What Car? Readers give their verdict

Warren Bresler - Age 63; Job Recruitment software supplier; Drives Land Rover Discovery Sport

‘I’m picking up a Land Rover Discovery Sport very soon, but now I’ve seen the F-Pace I know I’ll be replacing the Land Rover with one in a couple of years.

‘The dashboard is impressive; I like the move away from analogue dials to digital ones.

‘I have young grandchildren and a dog, and we often all go on holiday together by car to Scotland or France; the F-Pace seems like it would be comfortable over long distances. There’s plenty of room for all our luggage and the seating position is high enough to keep my wife happy; she doesn’t like being towered over by other cars.’

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