Jaguar F-Type Convertible vs Mercedes SL

The Mercedes-Benz SL has been refreshed to keep it up to date. Can it fend off Jaguar's raucous F-Type?

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Jaguar F-Type Convertible vs Mercedes-Benz SL

What will they cost?

On list price, the Jaguar F-Type is Β£610 cheaper than the Mercedes SL, but discounts on the SL run to more than Β£15,000, giving it the lower Target Price.

Sell after three years and the F-Type narrows the gap, because it should return nearly Β£4000 more of your money. However, most buyers will buy on finance, and on this front the SL is much cheaper due largely to a big deposit contribution from Mercedes. Put down a Β£10,000 deposit on a three-year PCP deal and it’ll cost Β£708 a month, whereas the F-Type will set you back a whopping Β£1153.

True, the F-Type is cheaper to lease, costing Β£987 a month compared with Β£1022 for the SL. But the SL is cheaper to run; official fuel economy figures suggest it will average 5mpg more than the F-Type, which works out to a difference of nearly Β£800 over 36,000 miles, and the SL should also cost around Β£400 less to service over that period.

Company car drivers will appreciate the SL’s lower CO2 emissions; they mean it attracts a 32% benefit-in-kind (BIK) rate compared with the F-Type’s 37%. The SL will cost a 40% rate taxpayer around Β£1500 less in salary sacrifices over three years.

Both cars come with all the kit you’d expect on such expensive models, including leather seats, 19in alloys, a DAB radio, sat-nav, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors. The SL adds heated seats, a self-parking system, a powered bootlid and dual-zone climate control.

As for safety, the SL outscores the F-Type with its standard active brake assist system. This includes a collision warning and an automatic emergency braking function.

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