Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday

The Jaguar XF played a pivotal role in turning around the fortunes of its ailing manufacturer – but why was it so successful? We look back at our 2008 Car of the Year winner to find out...

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Doug Revolta
11 October 2016

Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday

How much do they cost now?

Being such a capable mile-cruncher means there are plenty of high-mileage examples on the used market, with many models having been lovingly driven into the ground.

Prices for an early first-generation model with around 150,000 miles on the clock start from as little as £5000. This sounds like a bargain, and it is, but beware: Jaguar has a pretty poor reputation for reliability, so make sure the car has a squeaky-clean service history and be aware that, even then, you could still be landed with a hefty repair bill.

Generally, the facelifted models after 2011 have proved to be a bit more reliable. Early examples that have covered 100,000 miles start at £9000, but you can pay up to £20,000 for a pristine model from three years ago.

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Fancy something more modern?

The first-generation XF is a great used executive car, but there are plenty of other used alternatives worth considering.

Best used executive cars for less than £10,000

10. Citroën C5

Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday

The Citroën C5 isn’t your usual executive car choice, but it’s an extremely relaxing one, especially if you choose the top-of-the-range Exclusive model. This gets you super-smooth hydropneumatic suspension that delivers fantastic ride quality, as well as an acoustic windscreen and laminated windows (optional on lower-spec models) that make it whisper-quiet inside. What’s more, the C5 is great value now – and significantly cheaper like for like than most of the other cars here, making it a tempting prospect.

We found: 2012 1.6 HDi VTR+, 30,000 miles, acoustic windscreen, £8,999

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9. Toyota Avensis

Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday

The Toyota Avensis is rather a bland choice as an executive car, and not much fun to drive at all, but it is a reliable and sensible one. Toyota's reputation for dependability is hard to beat, while the Avensis is efficient and comfortable. You get plenty of space inside for passengers and a well-put-together dashboard. What's more, on the move it's very quiet, with wind, engine and road noise all kept in check. The only thing it won't do is excite you, but if that's low down your list of priorities, the Avensis is worth a look.

We found: 2013 D-4D Icon, 25,000 miles, £9998

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8. Audi A4

Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday

The Audi A4 is quite an expensive purchase, which is why it doesn’t rank higher in this list. But if you’re happy to pay the extra, you’ll end up with a smart, understated executive car endowed with a good choice of engines and stable, controlled handling. It doesn’t involve in the same way as some rivals here, and the ride is on the firm side, but on the up side you get a great interior constructed from high-quality materials.

We found: 2010 1.8 TFSI SE, 38,500 miles, £8991

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Jaguar XF – Rewind Wednesday