Kia reveals new Picanto pictures

* First pics of new Picanto * Five- and three-door models available * Picanto to be revealed at Geneva motor show...

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What Car? Staff
04 January 2011

Kia reveals new Picanto pictures

Kia has revealed the first official photographs of its new Picanto supermini.

While these photographs show a five-door model, the Picanto will also be available as a three-door version for the first time.

The car is bigger than the model it replaces, with more space between the front and rear wheels.

Four engines will be available, ranging from 1.0 to 1.2-litres, and Kia claims class-leading CO2 emissions.

Further details will be released when the car is unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March, but no date has been set for when it will go on sale in the UK.