Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover's stunning LRX - the star of the recent Detroit motor show - gets closer and closer to production reality.

The original white concept car is soon to go on display at Beijing, while the black model that made a surprise appearance at Geneva just a few weeks ago has now turned up at the New York auto show.

That means potential buyers on three continents have now had a chance to see it.

Land Rover managing director Phil Popham also revealed that it has just been put through the most extensive customer appraisal of any car in the company's history - and emerged with flying colours.

'We invited 700 couples from the UK, Germany and Italy to properly audited clinics. They were owners of other 4x4s or premium image cars, and it came out top,' he said.

'What we now have to do is make sure that it will be possible to specify it for all 147 markets we trade in around the world, and that there is a sound business case for it.'

The LRX is Land Rover's vision for a premium (20,000-plus) 4x4 that would be smaller, lighter and greener than anything currently in the company's range.

A diesel-electric hybrid power system with economy and emissions better than many superminis would be one of the options offered on it.