Lexus ES long-term test review: report 4

The striking ES hybrid is designed to grab Lexus a bigger slice of the luxury saloon market. But does it have what it takes to turn top execs away from the usual German models? We're living with...

Lexus ES long-termer

The car Lexus ES 300h Takumi Run by Claire Evans, consumer editor

Why it’s here The ES is Lexus’s take on the luxury saloon; the twist is that it’s a hybrid and its low emissions make it a very attractive prospect as a company car

Needs to Trump the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class in areas other than emissions to prove itself a worthy alternative

List price £45,650 Target price £44,770 Price as tested £45,650 Miles 11,574 Official economy 51.4mpg Test economy 49.9mpg Options fitted None

10 December 2019 – Rescue mission  

The ES has a reputation of being one of the quietest and most comfortable Lexus models, and my Takumi-spec car, with 18in alloy wheels, indeed lets hardly any wind or road noise disturb its occupants.

I was very grateful for this on a recent mercy mission into deepest Kent to adopt two kittens and their young mum from a cat rescue centre. 

Although the engine was fairly noisy on A-roads, the interior was serenely quiet as soon as we got up to speed on the motorway. Leaving the car in Comfort mode helped prevent shudders from all but the most brutal of potholes from penetrating inside, too. That meant the kittens calmed down and had a nap on the way to their new home. 

Another feature that’s proving useful for getting the ES onto my drive - and avoiding any pets that have come outside to welcome me home - is the panoramic view on the rear-view camera. This displays both live footage of the space I'm backing into and a bird's eye view of the car and its surroundings on the infotainment screen. 

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