Lexus previews new LS luxury saloon with LF-FC concept

Hydrogen fuel-cell-powered saloon concept previews a new range-topping LS saloon from Lexus...

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Darren Moss
28 October 2015

Lexus previews new LS luxury saloon with LF-FC concept

Lexus has previewed the look and technology of its upcoming flagship LS saloon with the LF-FC concept, which has been revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

One of the key features of the concept is its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. The system features a fuel cell stack mounted at the rear of the car, with a power control unit mounted at the front and hydrogen storage tanks positioned in a T shape around the middle - something which Lexus says gives the concept an optimal weight balance.

When driving under normal conditions, the fuel cell stack powers the concept's main electric motor, sending power to the rear wheels, while also recharging the battery. Under acceleration, however, both the battery and the fuel cell stack are used to provide extra power by utilising two in-wheel electric motors at the front - effectively giving the concept four-wheel drive.

The LF-FC's styling is hinged around its large front grille, and features a low bonnet and low roofline, giving the concept the look of a sports saloon. Inside, there's seating for four passengers in a minimalist cabin. A digital instrument cluster displays most information, while drivers control audio and ventilation functions by using gesture controls.

When it comes to market, the new LS will compete in the same ultra-luxury saloon market as the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

The LS is also expected to be available with a V8 hybrid powertrain developing in the region of 535bhp.