Local petrol stations under threat

  • Up to 200 could close
  • Rural drivers to be hit hard
  • Business rates review to blame
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An article image

Hundreds of independent, local petrol stations are being forced out of business, according to the RMI Independent Petrol Retailers Association (RMI Petrol).

The implementation of new business rates for independent petrol stations in England and Wales could result in 1000 job cuts and the closure of up to 200 petrol stations, said RMI Petrol.

Independent petrol stations that serve rural communities could be especially susceptible to the increases, which could result in business rates rising four-fold from April 1.

A spokeswoman for HM Revenue & Custom's Valuation Office Agency said: 'The Valuation Office Agency has been meeting with representatives from the industry to listen to their concerns and will continue doing so.

'The valuation officers have a statutory duty to carry out revaluation of business premises every five years.'