Low-emission Skoda Superb launched

* Called Greenline * Saves 25 a year in VED road tax * Has unique kit list...

Low-emission Skoda Superb launched

A low-emission Skoda Superb Greenline is on sale from 16,710.

It is powered by a 103bhp 1.9-litre diesel engine that averages 55.4mpg and emits 136g/km of carbon dioxide, putting it in VED road tax band C.

In comparison, the basic-specification Superb, which costs 15,950 and is powered by the same engine, averages 49.6mpg and emits 151g/km of CO2. That puts it in VED road tax band D, which is 25 a year more expensive than band C at present, but will increase to a 40 gap from next year.

The Greenline's lower emissions are achieved by a combination of weight reduction, longer gearing, improved aerodynamics, low-resistance tyres and engine modifications.

Skoda's Greenline sits at its own trim level between the entry-level S and the mid-range SE.

Equipment includes cruise control, a leather steering wheel, a boot spoiler and a tyre repair kit.