Meet the team

Meet the team behind What Car?...

01 March 2017
Meet the team

What Car? is the home of the UK's most thorough new and used car tests, as well as a champion of motorists and motoring issues.

We've been offering our expert impartial advice for more than 40 years, in What Car? magazine, and right here on

Every day we test drive the latest cars, group test them against their competitors, investigate the issues affecting car buyers and mystery-shop dealerships to find out the most you should be paying for a new car.

Meet the team that makes What Car? what it is today

Senior editorial

Editor Steve Huntingford -

Editorial director Jim Holder -

Editor-in-chief Steve Cropley -

Deputy editor, Darren Moss -

Our road test team

Reviews editor Will Nightingale -

New cars editor Rory White -

Deputy reviews editor John Howell -

Senior reviewer Alan Taylor-Jones -

Reviewer Neil Winn -

Reviewer Doug Revolta -

Used cars editor Alex Robbins -

Deputy used cars editor Mark Pearson -

Used cars reporter - Max Adams -

Senior digital reviews editor Mark Pearson -

Digital reviews editor Hemal Mistry -

Our news and features team

Consumer editor Claire Evans -

News editor Rachel Burgess -

Special contributors Jimi Beckwith, Sam Sheehan, James Attwood, Matt Burt, Tom Evans, Matt Fasken, Pat Hoy, Sam Jenkins, Matt Prior, Matt Saunders, Mark Tisshaw, Luc Lacey, Stan Papior

Photography and video

Senior photographer John Bradshaw -

Photographer Will Williams -

Videographer Mitch McCabe -

Video apprentice Oli Kosbab

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