Mercedes C-Class and Nissan Juke

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Mercedes C-Class and Nissan Juke

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
C220 CDI Executive SE auto
List price 30,160
Target Price 26,375
Best price 24,806
Save 5354

The C-Class isnt our favourite exec, but its strengths namely those stylish looks, generous kit and sharp driving experience are proving that it can be a best seller. The biggest discounts can be found at a broker, but dealers are working hard to win over buyers. Take less of a cash discount and theyll offer you generous finance deposits with 4.9% APR PCP finance.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 116g/km
**Fuel economy 64.2mpg
First-year Road tax 0
Tax liability** 18%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 71 40% 143
Contract hire 357

Three-year cost
Depreciation 11,925
Insurance 2547
Servicing 1246
Road tax 60
Fuel 3667

Your view John Smith
I have the Sahara beige interior, which lifts the inside hugely. My C220 diesel engine seems no rougher than any VW, or even BMW Ive had, although if pressing on I guess it is quite rough and noisy. Id say the auto-equipped C220 is the model to go for.

Nissan Juke
1.6 Acenta Premium
List price 15,795
Target Price 14,780
Best price 14,191
Save 1604

Its little wonder that buyers are snapping up the Juke, with its low list price and even more tantalising discounts. Dealers are offering a three-year, 50% deposit, 0% APR HP deal, or a two- or three-year 4.9% APR PCP deal with no minimum deposit and a 1000 finance deposit contribution. If youre a cash buyer, a broker will be cheaper still.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 139g/km
**Fuel economy 47.1mpg
First-year Road tax 125
Tax liability** 19%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 46 40% 92
Contract hire 188

Three-year cost
Depreciation 6905
Insurance 1305
Servicing 1031
Road tax 240
Fuel 4785

Your view Jane Yeoman
I looked at the Juke out of curiosity, but I was sold after a 30-minute drive. I adore the fresh, curvy styling it challenges all the boring hatchback clones. Im getting around 40mpg, and a tad more if I drive sensibly. I love the sturdy cabin and all its kit.