Mercedes CLA to offer 4WD

* Mercedes CLA to come with four-wheel-drive option * More Mercedes to offer all-wheel drive * Four-wheel drive likely for even SL and SLS...

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Chas Hallett
15 January 2013

Mercedes CLA to offer 4WD

The new Mercedes CLA saloon will be the first of the companys new small cars to be available with a four-wheel-drive option.

The all-wheel-drive CLA is set to go on sale in the UK in September and heralds a much larger range of four-wheel-drive Mercedes, and a greater number that will be available in the UK.

Thomas Weber, Mercedes head of research, admitted that the company would soon be selling 60 models with four-wheel drive, including the newly launched E-Class AMG. Even more models are likely to get the option; this could even include sports cars such as the SL and next-generation SLS, he admitted to What Car?.

However, theres no likelihood of Mercedes saloons and sportscars ditching the option of rear-wheel drive.

Its not our strategy because not all customers want all-wheel drive as standard, and it adds up to 70kg to every car, Weber admitted.