MG GS vs Suzuki Vitara

MG has bulked out its range with the GS SUV, but how does it compare with the great-value Suzuki Vitara?...

MG GS vs Suzuki Vitara

What will they cost?

Despite their comparable specifications, the MG GS’s brochure price is more than £1200 higher than the Suzuki Vitara’s.

After dealer discounts, that gap widens to nearly £2000, and the Vitara also proves the cheaper car to run over a three-year period. It’s predicted to hold on to more of its value, it’s cheaper to insure and tax and it will cost you around £900 less in fuel, based on our real-world fuel economy results. All things considered, the GS will cost a private cash buyer around £3100 more to run over three years.

Most buyers won’t pay cash, though, they’ll take out finance, and on a three-year PCP deal the GS is much pricier. Put down a £5000 deposit and you’ll pay £241 a month, whereas Suzuki charges just £158 on the same terms. Both agreements limit you to 12,000 miles a year and require you to pay a hefty ‘balloon’ payment at the end of the term if you want to own the car outright.

MG GS vs Suzuki Vitara

MG GS vs Suzuki Vitara

Company car drivers will also pay less to run the Vitara. Its lower CO2 emissions mean that a 40% rate taxpayer will sacrifice almost £1000 less of their salary in benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax over the next three years.

There’s little to split our duo for standard equipment: both come with climate control, alloy wheels, electric windows all round, cruise control, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, a USB socket and steering wheel-mounted stereo controls, while the Vitara also has sat-nav. However, MG offers two free colours (black or white), whereas you’ll have to pay £430 extra if you want your Vitara in anything other than white.

Neither car gets automatic emergency braking, but both come with an alarm and an engine immobiliser. The Vitara gets one more airbag (seven versus six), and it was awarded five stars out of five for safety by Euro NCAP, whereas the MG hasn’t been tested.

The security experts at Thatcham rated both cars as ‘good’ for resisting being stolen, but gave the GS a disappointing two stars out of five for resisting break-ins.