MG MG5 concept car

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An article image
An article image

MG unveiled this MG5 concept car that could eventually plug the gap between the existing MG6 and 2012's MG3 supermini.

The small family car concept is surrounded by British flags at the show as a reminder of the MG name's origin there's also an old Austin Seven plugging the Brit theme even further.

It doesn't really seem to take any design cues from the company's history, however, the front end looks more like a sharpened Honda Civic.

There's nothing wrong with looking forward and not back, of course, and it's not a bad-looking car all told.

More of a problem would seem to be its size. It's a square-on competitor for a Ford Focus, which would give MG one-and-a-half cars in this class. The MG6 is, after all, like a Skoda Octavia slightly bigger than a small family car such as the Focus and slightly smaller than a family car such as the Ford Mondeo.