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Most (and least) reliable sports cars

Sports cars, coupés and convertibles are often bought as toys to enjoy at the weekend. To help you pick a good one, we've rounded up the most and least dependable...

Most and least reliable sports cars

If you're lucky enough to be able to splash out on a sports car, coupé or convertible, you'll want it to put a smile on your face. And if you get a dependable one that needs little more than a service each year, it should do exactly that.

On the other hand, if it suffers costly faults and spends a lots of time in the garage, you might regret buying it.  So, to help you choose something reliable, we asked thousands of owners about their cars as part of our annual Reliability Survey.

Looking exclusively at the results for cars aged up to five years old, we've rated all the sports cars, coupés and convertibles we were told about.

The models with the fewest problems and those that cost the least to fix gained the top ratings, while those that languished in workshops for more than a week or racked up expensive repair bills are at the opposite end of the table.

The 2021 What Car Reliability Survey is open, tell us about your car here

The most reliable sports cars, coupés and convertibles

7. Mazda MX-5 (2015-present)

Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport Nav+

What Car? reliability rating 93.3%

The MX-5 is one of our favourite affordable sports cars and one of the most dependable. Owners told us 19% of their cars suffered a fault with the bodywork and non-engine electrics the main causes for concern. Even though many cars will be out of warranty, an impressive 58% were fixed for free, with no repair bills more than £500. Only 16% of cars were undriveable, and only 8% took longer than a week to fix. 

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6. Audi TT (2015-present)

2019 Audi TT Coupe front red

What Car? reliability rating 94.1%

Although 21% of TTs had a problem, the most common complaints were with the bodywork and non-engine electrics. Half of the cars we were told about were fixed for free and only 10% of owners paid out more than £1500 for repairs. Although the majority could still be driven, around half took more than a week to put right.   

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=4. Audi A5 (2016-present)

Audi A5 Coupe RHD front right tracking

What Car? reliability rating 94.6%

Owners reported that 29% of their Audi A5s had suffered a fault, with non-engine electrics the most common issue, followed by the engine and bodywork. The good news is that all repairs were carried out for free, a third of cars were back on the road in a day or less and no repairs took more than a week.  

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=4. BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (2015-2021)

New Audi A5 Sportback vs BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

What Car? reliability rating 94.6%

Only 18% of 4 Series owners reported a fault on their car, citing the brakes and non-engine electrical systems as the biggest bugbears. Although 55% of remedial work was done for free, a small proportion of bills (9%) exceeded £1500. Although more than three-quarters of cars could still be driven, 45% took longer than a week to put right. 

BMW 4 Series Convertible

What Car? reliability rating 95.3%

Faults were reported by 19% of owners; the exhaust was the main area of concern, followed by the bodywork, gearbox/clutch and steering. Virtually all cars could still be driven and four out of five were repaired in less than a week, though. Although 86% of work was done under warranty, some owners paid out between £100 and £750.

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=1. BMW 2 Series Coupé/Convertible (2014-present)

BMW 2 Series Coupe and Cabriolet

What Car? reliability rating 97.4%

Just 13% of two-door 2 Series models went wrong. Bodywork was the biggest cause for complaint, then non-engine electrics and suspension. All remained driveable, but three-quarters of them took more than a week to fix. All work was done under warranty, though.

Owner’s view "My car is reliable and feels well built, and I've been well looked after by the dealer's service department"

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=1. Volkswagen Arteon (2017-present)

Volkswagen Arteon front three quarters

A mere 7% of Arteons went wrong, according to owners, with the only problem area the exhaust system. Most of the faulty cars couldn't be driven and took more than a week to put right, but all work was carried out for free, keeping owners happy.

Owner’s view "The thing I like best about my car is its reliability. I've had no niggles or issues with it in the past two years"

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