Most drivers fall flat with tyres

* Many ignorant of Highway Code guidelines * Tyres should be checked weekly * Correct pressure improves efficiency and safety...

Most drivers fall flat with tyres

A new survey by Bridgestone tyres has revealed that most drivers don't know the correct guidelines on checking their tyre pressures.

Half of those questioned believed that tyres should be checked every four weeks, but the Highway Code suggests they should be looked at weekly.

Although 59% of men got the answer right, Bridgestone's poll revealed that only a quarter of them actually followed the Highway Code's advice.

Just 37% of women polled got the answer right, with only a fifth of those actually checking their tyres on a weekly basis.

Andy Dingley, Bridgestone's senior analyst, said: 'The findings about regularity and interval gaps between tyre pressure checking was the most surprising and worrying.

'Simple weekly tyre pressure checks need not take time but can keep you safe, extend the life of the tyres and reduce fuel consumption, all leading to great cost savings.'