Most reliable older SUVs

There are plenty of temptingly-priced SUVs on the used market. But which are likely to give you years of trouble-free motoring, and which are prone to problems?...

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

5. Range Rover Sport (2014-present)

What Car? Reliability Rating 94.4%

Here, we’re looking at the very earliest versions of the latest Range Rover Sport, and owners told us that only 8% of cars had problems with their suspension.

All cars remained driveable and were repaired the same day, although bills ranged from £1000 to £1500. 

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4. BMW X1 (2009-2015)

2013 BMW X1 review

What Car? Reliability Rating 95.6%

Only 8% of BMW X1s had a problem that related to either the brakes or gearbox. While all cars remained driveable, some took more than a week to put right, and repair bills ranged from £201 to £750.Read our full review of the used Honda CR-V

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3. Honda CR-V (2012-2018)

Honda CR-V

What Car? Reliability Rating 95.9%

The CR-V is another large SUV that’s ageing well; only 12% of cars suffered a fault and the only serious problem area was the gearbox. All of the cars could still be driven and were fixed in less than a week; more than half were fixed under warranty and no repair bills exceeded £500.

Skoda Yeti reviewed on video

What Car? Reliability Rating 96.0%

The diesel Skoda Yeti suffered nearly three times fewer faults than its petrol counterpart: 8% versus 29%. Diesel afflictions were less serious, too, encompassing air-con, bodywork and exhaust issues, rather than the engine and gearbox woes of petrol Yetis. Most cars could still be driven and repair bills ranged from £50 to £750. 

1. Toyota RAV4 (2013-2019)

Toyota RAV4 2.5

What Car? Reliability Rating 97.6%%

The RAV4 is the most dependable large SUV when it’s less than five years old, and older versions of the same generation remain almost as problem-free.

Only 7% of cars had a fault and the only components affected were the brakes. All cars could still be driven and were fixed the same day, with costs ranging from £101 to £200. 

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