New 4WD versions of Superb and Octavia

* DSG transmission option * Available in Superb and Octavia ranges * All available to order now...

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What Car? Staff
02 November 2010

New 4WD versions of Superb and Octavia

Skoda is extending its model line-up by making its DSG semi-automatic transmissions available with some four-wheel-drive diesel-engined versions of the Octavia and Superb.

The gearbox is now available with four-wheel-drive hatchback and estate versions of the 2.0-litre TDI 140 Superb, as well as the Octavia Estate and Octavia Scout.

The system normally sends 96% of the power to the front wheels, with the drive to the rear wheels disengaged. However, in adverse conditions, the system responds instantly to send power to the wheels that have best traction.

Not only does this make the cars safer in harsh weather conditions, it will also make them more attractive to owners who want to tow caravans or trailers.

The models are available to order now, with prices starting at 21,705 for the Octavia estate 4x4. Thats an increase of just over 1000 compared with the existing two-wheel-drive model with the same engine and a manual gearbox.

Theres also a slight affect on fuel economy and emissions, with the new model averaging 47.9 mpg and emitting 156g/km CO2, whereas the existing car averages 57.6mpg and emits 129g/km CO2.

In the Superb hatchback, the new car averages 45.6mpg and emits 162g/km of CO2, compared with 52.3mpg and 143g/km in the comparable two-wheel drive model. The price penalty is the best part of 3000 over the equivalent car with a manual gearbox.