New Astra joins the force

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New Astra joins the force
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What Car? Staff
9 Sep 2009 11:44

When Vauxhall's new Astra goes on sale later this year it wont be just the public that can get their hands on it.

From launch, a special version for major police forces will also be available, with a range of modifications to suit life in the force.

A 'turnkey' offering
Vauxhall says that, unlike many police cars, the Astra is a 'turnkey' offering, built specifically for the police by Vauxhall at GM Millbrook in Bedfordshire. It is sold as a single car, rather than as a base car plus conversion.

The Astra police car is approved and tested to the meet the same safety demands as the road car.

Engineers worked closely with the factory to bring the police car to market at the same time as the production car, says Vauxhall, whereas it would normally take around six months from the car's launch.

Three livery options
Three high-visibility livery options are available to meet different needs and the roof-mounted lightbars are also available in three widths. The police Astra can be ordered with all communication equipment already installed, including an integral 8.4-inch data screen.