New Audi Q8 vs Range Rover Velar

Audi’s new Q8 luxury SUV trades practicality for more rakish looks. Let’s see if it’s as on trend as the Range Rover Velar...

Audi Q8

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

Forward visibility is great in these two, thanks largely to their lofty seating positions. And while visibility out the back isn’t quite as good, due to narrowing windows, thick rear pillars and slim rear screens, both cars come with reversing cameras and front and rear sensors to ensure that parking isn’t too much of a challenge.

In addition, the Q8’s heated and electrically adjustable driver’s seat has a memory function that lets you quickly restore your preferred position after someone else has driven the car. However, the Velar combines all of this with memory for the passenger’s seat (£250 on the Q8) and cooling and massaging modes (£1600 on the Q8).

You’ll also find the Velar’s softer seats more comfortable on a long motorway journey, although the Q8’s hold you in place better through corners.

Range Rover Velar interior

As standard, the Velar has several cows’ worth of leather inside, but it’s the Q8 that feels more luxurious overall. Not only are its interior materials of a higher quality, but the fit and finish is also better.

Both cars have touchscreens on their centre consoles for controlling functions such as seat heating and, in the Q8’s case, every aspect of the air conditioning. However, you have to look away from the road to find the right area of the screen to hit, so the fact that the Velar also has physical dials makes simple tasks such as changing the temperature much easier on the move.

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