New Dacia Duster vs MG GS

The Dacia Duster budget SUV sweeps up for price. But does the MG GS brush up well beside it?...

Dacia Duster
Dacia Duster

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

Does the interior of either car fool you into thinking you’re driving something more expensive than you are? In short, no.

In the Duster, the plastics look and feel hard and cheap, but the dashboard layout is simple, with logical buttons and dials to control the air conditioning.

The GS’s interior offers a similarly budget feel and the layout is more chaotic, with a confusing cluster of buttons making the dashboard appear messy. Overall, the Duster just manages to feel a little less pared to the bone.


Both cars offer a decent amount of steering wheel reach and height adjustment, while you get a noticeably higher driving position in the GS. What is annoying is that there’s nowhere to rest your left foot in the Duster when you’re not using the clutch. The GS at least has space to the left of the pedal.

There’s no problem with forward and side visibility, but it could be better out the back in both. The Duster’s over-the-shoulder view is clearer, though, due to its much less obstructive rear pillars. It also comes with a rear-view camera and rear parking sensors. The GS has neither.