New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

Can the high-tech, hybrid Honda NSX get ahead of Audi’s R8 in the supercar race?

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Audi R8 rear

What will they cost?

There is a waiting list of four to five years for the NSX, according to Honda. So, even if you have the financial wherewithal to buy one, you’ll need an equally large supply of patience. You won’t get a discount on either car, which means the R8 will cost you Β£9500 less to buy.

Even though it’s cheaper, the R8 comes with much more standard equipment. You get carbon-ceramic brakes (Β£8400 extra on the NSX) plus sat-nav and front and rear parking sensors. The NSX has a standard reversing camera, though, plus cruise control and a premium sound system, all options on the R8.

The NSX should drink slightly less fuel than the R8, and its lower CO2 emissions make it the slightly greener choice. Audi throws in a free track-driving course with the R8, while the NSX’s list price includes a three-year servicing plan. Neither car has been crash-tested by Euro NCAP.

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