New Land Rover Discovery Sport & Mercedes GLC vs Audi Q5

The Land Rover Discovery Sport lost its seat to the Audi Q5 in the 2017 election of posh large SUVs. Can it regain its place with major changes of policy? A previous outsider with a similar plan...

Audi Q5 infotainment

Infotainment systems

Audi Q5

As standard, the Q5 gets a high-mounted 7.0in screen, but the Technology Pack ups this to 8.3in (pictured). Either way, a dial in front of the gear selector makes controlling the system easy, even on the move. The display is crisp, with attractive graphics and menus that are easy to navigate. Sat-nav is standard, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless phone charging comes as part of the Technology Pack.

Land Rover Discovery Sport infotainment

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The 10.0in touchscreen is rather low down the dashboard, so you have to take your eyes well off the road to use it. At least the icons are mostly big and easy to hit. The graphics are sharp and the menus are reasonably easy to fathom, but the software can be a little sluggish to respond. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, while you can get USB ports for all three rows of seats. Sat-nav is standard from S trim.

Mercedes GLC infotainment

Mercedes GLC

You can control the 10.3in screen by touch, via a trackpad between the seats or by using thumb-sized pads on the steering wheel. The latter takes getting used to but means you can always keep both hands on the wheel. The screen is high-mounted and has the best graphics here, while the menus are fairly logically laid out, but you can’t add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto other than by jumping up several trim levels.