New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

Lexus’s hybrid LS limo is back for its most determined attempt yet to shake up the luxury car class. That means beating the Audi A8...

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22 June 2017

New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

Our verdict

This latest version of the LS is Lexus’s most convincing attempt yet to build a competitive luxury limo. With distinctive looks, a beautifully crafted interior and a comprehensive list of standard equipment, it manages to stand out in a sector that is dominated by quite conservative Germanic styling and increasingly unfashionable diesel engines.

However, the LS misses the mark when it comes to achieving greatness. Not only does the A8 offer superior engine refinement at speed, a plusher ride and sharper handling, but it’s also cheaper to buy and run. So, once again, the A8 takes a convincing win and continues to lead the way in the luxury car class.

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1st – Audi A8

New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

For Plusher ride; more refined at high speeds; cheaper to buy and run

Against Not nearly as well equipped; average rear leg room; depreciation

Rated 5 out of 5

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2nd – Lexus LS

New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

For Holds its value better; near-silent around town; generous standard kit; more leg room

Against Mixed ride quality; limited rear head room; fiddly infotainment system

Rated 3 out of 5

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Specifications: Audi A8 50 TDI quattro

Engine 6cyl, 2967cc, diesel

List price £69,415

Target Price £63,446

Power 282bhp @ 3750-4000rpm

Torque 443Ib ft @ 1250-3250rpm

Gearbox 8-spd automatic

0-60mph 5.9sec

Top speed 155mph

Gov't fuel economy 50.4mpg

CO2 emissions 145g/km

Specifications: Lexus LS 500h Luxury AWD

Engine size 6cyl, 3456cc, petrol, plus electric motor

List price £82,595

Target Price £79,642

Power 295bhp @ 6600rpm

Torque 258Ib ft @ 5100rpm

Gearbox 10-spd CVT automatic

0-60mph 6.4sec

Top speed 155mph

Gov't fuel economy 39.8mpg

CO2 emissions 161g/km


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