New Mazda CX-5 & Ford Kuga vs Skoda Kodiaq

Mazda’s spacious and upmarket new CX-5 aims to reclaim the large SUV crown – but first it has to beat our reigning champ, the Skoda Kodiaq, and Ford’s updated Kuga...

New Mazda CX-5 & Ford Kuga vs Skoda Kodiaq
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What Car? team
19 Dec 2016 10:20

What will they cost?

You might be thinking the Kodiaq is a bit of a bargain, given that it’s the cheapest of our trio. However, that’s because we’re testing it in relatively basic SE specification, whereas the CX-5 and Kuga are lined up in much plusher trim levels.

Why haven’t we chosen a higher trim for the Kodiaq? Well, doing someans you’re also forced to have an extra row of seats at the back of the car. That might not sound like much of a hardship until you see the asking price rocket to at least £30,495. Plus, Skoda dealers weren’t yet offering discounts on the Kodiaq at the time of writing, so the CX-5 will only cost you around £370 more to buy and the Kuga actually undercuts the Kodiaq by more than £2000 after you’re done haggling.

New Mazda CX-5 & Ford Kuga vs Skoda Kodiaq

Of course, big discounts usually hint at heavy depreciation, so it’s hardly surprising that the Kuga is predicted to be worth the least after three years. The CX-5 is expected to recoup you the most after three years, and it’s easily the most frugal in real-world driving. It’ll cost you the least over three years if you’re a cash buyer, although only by around £300 less than the Kodiaq.

It’s a different story if you’re buying on PCP finance, though. Put down a £3000 deposit on a three-year deal with an annual mileage cap of 15,000 and the Kuga will cost you £390 a month, whereas the Kodiaq will set you back £417 on the same terms. Mazda wasn’t able to supply a quote because the CX-5 wasn’t officially on sale at the time of writing.

New Mazda CX-5 & Ford Kuga vs Skoda Kodiaq

However, we can tell you that choosing the CX-5 as a company car will mean sacrificing the most of your salary each month in benefit-in-kind tax. Then again, when you consider how much more equipment the CX-5 comes with than its rivals, suddenly it seems like the bargain here. LED headlights, fully electric leather seats (heated in the front), keyless entry, a powered tailgate and a head-up display are standard. The Kuga and Kodiaq don’t get any of that, but the latter is the most stingily equipped; you even have to pay extra for keyless start, front parking sensors and sat-nav.